Young and restless who is dr anderson

At first, fans were sure that Sage could have been a relative or Sandra herself. Summary for Tuesday February 9, 2015: After thinking about Dr.

Do you hear me? An orderly will be called to take Patty back to her room. Patty sings Hush Little Baby. Paul thinks Patty had a psychotic breakdown — he saw no signs Patty had been attacked. In all the anxiety of being there, and the nuisance of dealing with Patty Williams Stacy Haiduk she discovered she is miraculously pregnant again, or is she?

Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Dr. Anderson’s death is a mystery to everyone but Patty

They struggle when Patty threatens to tell the truth and she stabs Anderson in the back when she tries to call for back-up. This article is the exclusive intellectual property of CelebDirtyLaundry.

young and restless who is dr anderson

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Anderson running into him outside the NICU a few days ago. Victor is unhappy he trusted Adam to take care of things while he was away. It seems odd that Sharon would agree to go to Fairview after the heartache she experienced there when Faith was born.

Phyllis reveals that JT is alive and knows his whereabouts The Young And The Restless Spoilers

Chelsea says she knows, and advises him to get on the plane out of the country and never look back. He is shocked to see Sharon so sedated.

young and restless who is dr anderson

At the penthouse, Chelsea is still packed, and wants honesty from Adam. Monday, February 8th, 2016. Sharon will listen as Dr. She could easily claim that Sage did this in an effort to keep her locked up. A man arrives to summon Luca to Newman. Did Dr. Of course Dr. She told her it was a new treatment that has been extremely successful in treating bipolar disorder. Patty retorts that a DNA test would prove it.

young and restless who is dr anderson