Whole lotta humbucker sh 18 lotion

Also I will not falsify customs documents and claim lower values so please don't ask.

whole lotta humbucker sh 18 lotion

PAF-voiced single-coil sized humbucker. Hum-Cancelling, No hassle return policy.

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I have owned the guitar these pickups were in since it was new. The bridge pickup measures at 8. Came from a C1 schecter. The pickup comes with slight variations in DC resistance, just like the old ones.

whole lotta humbucker sh 18 lotion

The Black Winter fills the needs of extreme metal guitarists with a tone that provides crushing distortion, punishing mids and lots of aggressive saturation.

Some additional details and recommendations: Magnet type: Auction is for both Pickups.

So I don't have a shipping department. Duncan Antiquity. All guitars are used and sold as such. These are the best Custom Shop Strat pickups that Seymour makes. The SH-6b Duncan Distortion in the bridge is a high output humbucker with a large ceramic magnet.

whole lotta humbucker sh 18 lotion

So they are like new in apperance and performance. Basically new pickups with mounting screws and rubber tube springs Posted with. I used them in an R0 that I no longer own.

Are you ready?

They sound fantastic and I actually had the neck pickup positioned really low in my guitar. They are naturally reliced from years of real playing.

whole lotta humbucker sh 18 lotion

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