Where did spitting image origin of

where did spitting image origin of

For you, from us. Others maintain the true phrase is "splitting image," as though a person had been split into two mirror images. There are, however, other theories. Meanwhile the defeated lawyer with his fair one had secretly fled to private furnished lodgings, at the house of Mr.

where did spitting image origin of

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where did spitting image origin of

Those references are: Quite a different origin is suggested by other writers, who argue that spit is really an abbreviation of spirit , suggesting that someone is so similar to another as to be identical in mind as well as body. I just observe and, when appropriate, record.

The origins of 'spitting image'

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where did spitting image origin of

In the West-Riding of the County of York 1828:. Love words? Page created 26 Jun. Larry Horn, Professor of Linguistics at Yale, argues convincingly that the original form was actually spitten image , using the old dialectal past participle form of spit. Etymythology and Fluid Dynamics.

spitting image

But some writers make a connection here with seminal ejaculation, which may account for the phrase being used originally only of the son of a father.

This common variant some might unkindly refer to it as a mistake , does not crop up until well into the 20th century. What of splitting image? Hi dmcgill50! Search World Wide Words.

SPITTING IMAGE: Just Spit or Real Satire? Swift - make the unemployed eat their own bodies.

The exact likeness. E-mail Heidi at hstevens tribune.

where did spitting image origin of