What does ben hur perfume smell like

Guerlain Vintage Shalimar Baccarat Click on each photo for larger view of it This is the large Shalimar Perfume Bottle that was made by the famous House of Baccarat for Guerlain, Paris, in the 1950s, and it has its original paper label. This must have been a pre-release bottle, as it has a date on the bottom of 1991.

I can only imagine how inane the ads would have been for the perfumes then. An interesting side of classic movie celebrity, eh?

No indication of size but I would guess 1. Still smells great. Amber, patchouli, oakmoss, myrrh, vetiver, castoreum.

Reviews of Ben Hur by Jergens

Can you give some examples, or a link to info? Please leave a comment below for example: While The Shrimp wasn't an actress, She was a big influence on me in the sixties. According to sources on the web, Sublime was released late in 1992. Jovan Musk Perfume by Jovan for Women.

Sweet Indulgence by Piachka Parfums. Click for Detail.

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No box for this one. Since we have a liking for a certain perfume that we use for a long period of tim e, it is hard to get accustomed to any other perfume.

what does ben hur perfume smell like

Smells like Chocolate and Comes in it's own Candy "perfume" box. This is very rare, while you will find some Toujours Moi, Toujours Toi is not found easily. Chypre-Floral Top Notes: You will recognize this one right away.

what does ben hur perfume smell like

They wait for the perfume to discontinue and then, they will make money by selling those long lost colognes at premium Online stores: Enter your keywords: Earthy, rich, and expansive, Jovan Musk makes a strong statement for the independent, self-assured woman.

No box. Scent Type: Released in 1978 Megara by Le Galion.

This is from the 1990s. Register a new account. The bottle stands 4" tall, has a volume of 2 oz. Based on the title of a bestselling novel by Lew Wallace from 1880, a high grossing Broadway production from 1898, and later, a silent movie.