How to wear suspenders without buttons

In this Article: As always. When suspenders or belts, or anything are worn solely or chiefly for function, and utility is the paramount consideration, then they are appliances and not accessories.

It is precisely this wide-distribution of low price clip-ons which gives rise to concerns about their street-cred.

How to Wear Suspenders - Style Guide

That was until last month, when my 19 year old son came down to breakfast one day wearing a pair. It works with both tall or short men. For me it comes down to dress code. These suspenders are often seen at business or formal events.

How to Wear Suspenders (and Why They’re Great for Shorter Men)

Famous Short Men, Part 1: While X-back do have two straps that attach to the back-waistband - compared to a Y-back's single strap - unless you face unusual issues with keeping your pants up or have severely sloping shoulders, the Y-back is the top choice of suspender aficionados. Method 1.

how to wear suspenders without buttons

For me, suspenders are kind of like shirttail garters: X-back suspenders form an x on your back. Well, I asked my tailor to make me one pair with side tabs.

how to wear suspenders without buttons

Great piece. Of course, your jacket will sometimes come off, so let's talk a little bit about choosing colors and patterns for your suspenders. Choose one method or the other.

how to wear suspenders without buttons

Dark jeans are another option for this look. Suspenders that come with clips allow most any pants or shorts in your closet to be suspender-friendly.

Brace Yourself: A Guide to Wearing Suspenders

Wear leather for old-fashioned charm. Is there any way I could do this effectively? Okay, we know that suspenders are a great way to keep your pants up, especially for formal outfits.

how to wear suspenders without buttons

Confidence is great, but a well-chosen wardrobe, and great grooming habits definitely won't hurt. They just feel so good and the look and style is great, the number of positive comments you get is amazing. It's not the end of the world if your shoes don't match your suspender ends perfectly.

You get bonus points if your suspenders work well with the rest of your outfit by picking up or complimenting a secondary color.