How to make your instagram unprivate house

How to Make Your Instagram Account Private

Only the users who follow you will be able to see it. Add a musical touch to your next Instagram Story by embedding some music in it. Not Helpful 26 Helpful 11. Then tap inside the Bio box and preface any word with " " or " ," turning those terms into hashtags or mentions, respectively. Finally, a new feature enables you to archive individual posts: That feature is currently not supported on the desktop version, only the Instagram apps.

Here, turn off the toggle switch.

Ten tips that will make you a master of Instagram

Instagram can work as an instant messenger, and even lets you set up group chats. However, for photos you should also try the manual editing option, accessed by tapping the edit button at the bottom of the screen. Not Helpful 21 Helpful 11. Controlling Your Visibility Instagram: You can also like and comment on these shared images. When you put together Instagram Stories, you can now adjust the font. All three are worth experimenting with.

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The best hidden Instagram tricks

Now you can show your Nametag to someone else, let them photograph it, and become contacts in a snap. How do I make my Instagram photos private? Did you try these steps? Learn more... I am accessing Instagram on a laptop, but I can't see any privacy options as explained above. Go to Options and then look in the Account tab.