How to curve your ball in bowling

The ability to put all the elements together and repeat them are the keys to success. Move your left foot forward as you lower the ball close to a knee-level position and then further back behind you, making a half-circle.

Bowling For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If there is only one pin, the ball should have a symmetric weight block. If you want to consistently score a high average over 180 , you will have to learn how to throw the hook because it will get you more strikes.

how to curve your ball in bowling

Rotate your hand just slightly from the wrist at the moment of release. A few practice throws in your lane should indicate how you need to curve your ball. Hold the ball from underneath with your bowling hand at about mid-chest height higher for slower bowlers, lower for faster bowlers , and support the ball with your non-bowling hand.

How to Hook a Bowling Ball: 6 Steps to Improve Your Game

Just under-handed! Not sure how to choose the right house ball for you from the numerous racks at your local bowling center?

It starts cupped in your hand, and the last point of contact is with the tips of your fingers as it spins off.

how to curve your ball in bowling

To increase the degree of the curve, release your fingers from the ball more rapidly. The ball should go straight during the first part of the throw, but watch for the bounce!

how to curve your ball in bowling

A "relaxed" grip is more likely to produce a straighter roll, and thus a minimal hook. This means that different amounts of oil on the lane will affect your hook. The following directions are for right-handed bowlers; if you are left-handed, reverse the sides.

how to curve your ball in bowling

Think about your approach before you begin. Maintain a constant grip as your hand moves into the forward swing, passing the heel of your sliding shoe the left foot for right-handed bowlers , and then release the ball as it passes the laces. You want to create an underhand spiral with your throw; and if you get it right, it'll go straight and then bounce drastically to the side.

how to curve your ball in bowling

While you definitely want to get up to your normal ball sooner rather than later, the lighter ball can help you concentrate on what your hands should be doing. It could be your equipment.