Dynamic metamorphism occurs when a rock


The mineral composition of rocks may also be altered by the addition of new elements or by the removal of elements formerly present through the action of circulating liquids or gases or by recrystallization under pressure. These thermal affects are usually restricted to the contact zones of the intrusions, hence the term contact metamorphism.

dynamic metamorphism occurs when a rock

Stephen A. The Alps of Europe and the Himalayas of Asia also show effects of regional metamorphism. The differential stress associated with regional, or dynamothermal, metamorphism frequently yields foliated rock. Write the answers to the following questions in complete sentences on a piece of paper.

dynamic metamorphism occurs when a rock

Dynamic Metamorphism also occurs because of mountain-building. But at greater depths, rock is so warm that it behaves like soft plastic as shear along the fault takes place. Geology major at California State University Fullerton.

dynamic metamorphism occurs when a rock

Eventually, the range starts to collapse under its own weight, much like a block of soft cheese placed in the hot sun. Metamorphic rocks were once sedimentary, igneous or even other metamorphic rocks that have been changed by heat and pressure.

Three phenomena contribute to exhumation of rocks at depth. Here cold oceanic crust and sediment is rapidly subducted. As we've seen, the process of mountain building produces and eventually exhumes metamorphic rocks. February 27, 2019. Schists are usually named by the main minerals that they are formed from.

dynamic metamorphism occurs when a rock

Such rocks, which fit into the broad category of clastic rocks, referred to as dynamoblastic rocks. The changes in mineral assemblages are due to changes in the temperature and pressure conditions of metamorphism. They have an abundance of Fe-Mg minerals like biotite, chlorite, and hornblende, as well as calcic minerals like plagioclase and epidote. The geology of eastern Australia is dominated by a number of these fold mountain belts.

Quartzite looks similar to its parent rock.

Types of metamorphism

For example, ongoing metamorphism of shale at continuously increasing temperature and pressure initially produces slate, then phyllite, schist, and gneiss. Like heat, pressure increases with depth. Formation of Tsunami 3d Simulation. These are as follows: Sedimentary rocks are formed from the cementing together of sediments, or from the compaction squeezing together of sediments, or from the recrystallization of new mineral grains which are larger than the original crystals.

High pressure regional metamorphism In some parts of the world, geologically young Cenozoic and Mesozoic fold mountain belts contain sequences of metamorphosed fine-grained sedimentary rocks and basic volcanic rocks that contain unusual blue amphiboles. The most common metamorphic sequences in relatively young rocks e.

dynamic metamorphism occurs when a rock

Photo credit: Bulk Chemical Composition The mineral assemblage that develops in a metamorphic rock is dependent on The pressure and temperature reached during metamorphism The composition of any fluid phase present during metamorphism, and The bulk chemical composition of the rock.