Cinefix how to make batman gloves

Make Your Own Deadpool Costume! - Homemade How-to!

Then, we cut out paper patterns to see if they were indeed the right size for my body. Nothing is cooler than having your very own Batman costume. That can be found here. So I spent some time researching different pictures to give me a good sense of what I would be building.

Batman Costume

In order to make sure these fit me accurately, we measured by body and then made the adjustments on Illustrator. When they are ready, they are quite flexible. I printed to check and then got the right side for me.

I liked the way they turned out. Okay thanks! I used cardboard as a buffer to not dent the foam.

cinefix how to make batman gloves

Especially kids. I decided it was high time for me to make one. I even had two layers of shirts under it and it went through it all.

DIY Batman Costumes

It required an amazing wife. Also, I've coated the armor in a few coats of plastidip and used a black matt spray but it's not finishing as well as yours.

cinefix how to make batman gloves

This is a very important step in the process. I'd love to see what you come up with.

Adobe illustrator? One of mine did when a friend of mine who had dressed as Bane decided to come attack me. I did a full instructable for this step. Then wipe it down so you have a clean surface.

cinefix how to make batman gloves

When I finally got the right shape with some help from my amazing wife we sewed up the hems to keep it from fraying. More by the author: