Car makes gurgling noise when accelerating car

Gurgling engine? Get an expert diagnosis at your home or office.

I live in california i want to buy a car in arizona do i pay a sales tax? Number of Reviews 14. It is rather faint and it goes away when I either let off the gas or my speed is constant. I only recently got the vehicle and I'm thus not too familiar with what's normal and what's not.


It's common to hear gurgling under the dash if there's air in the system -- coming from the heater core. Air can be sometimes naturally trapped inside the system so look for a bleeder screw on one of the cooling system components such as the thermostat housing. Your expansion tank is connected to the radiator, usually by a hose through the radiator cap, but sometimes in another location. I hear it more while driving for a while on the interstate and then accelerating a little, like to switch lanes, etc.

Rating Summary. He then diagnosed the issue and wrote up a report with quote for the repair. There are also bleeder valves located on the coolant lines notably at the back of the engine that let you bleed air out. If it is engine knockā€¦it could destroy your engine. Yes, I think this is exactly what it was!!!

How to Fix Bubbling or Gurgling Noises

This is normal and should not be thought as a problem. He was great, knowkedgable and professional. Engines are a lot like the human body, which is a pretty noisy thing if you listen closely enough.

car makes gurgling noise when accelerating car

If you think it might be engine knock, you can test it by putting in high octane gas. In the last 500 miles, I recently starting hearing a gurgling noise when I accelerate. In this case, the sound you're hearing may just be water and steam moving to and from the coolant overflow bottle, or through the cooling passages.

car makes gurgling noise when accelerating car

I have 96 Chevy Blazer automatic that's been making a slight gurgling noise sounds like water - think "babbling brook". Keep an eye on the coolant level and you should see air bubbles come up and the level drop as it "burps". If the fluid level is low it can pull air into the system causing a gurgling noise due to the air bubbles in the system.

car makes gurgling noise when accelerating car

Is there any other way I can describe it to help diagnose? Is this as easy a fix as to fill the cooling system and then the air will just come out on its own? By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Check the coolant with the radiator cap open; if you see oil floating on top, or smell gasoline with the engine running, you may have a serious problem in the bowels of the beast.