Who dug up alison s body macro

Why was Jessica involved with Bethany? If not, who killed her?

Alison Cooper

Check out my other posts to learn more about that theory. What did framing Jason that way accomplish— It kept him quiet about everything he knew leading up to that night. Who did Aria stab with that screw driver? This is still to protect Spencer and she did not set the fire.

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Tumblr theme by Theme Anorak. Mona and Redcoat Cece are stealing the body together.

who dug up alison s body macro

Cece killed Wilden because she was scared that he would kill her - Uber A would order him to after she left. When I started coaching CrossFit full time, I realized that nutrition was the missing link for many of our members. Why does A want Jenna dead?

Best success story from client relationship: I have been a Project Manager for a custom home builder and even went through the Police Academy.

who dug up alison s body macro

Is Maya still alive? Other possibilities are Cece, Ali, and Bethany. He forced her to help push the box off, not knowing that Aria was alive inside.

Where is Eddie Lamb, and what is his involvement?

who dug up alison s body macro

I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years. Bethany is her niece, daughter of her sister Marion. After Holden left Jenna was driving Noel when she found Emily drunk.

The Liars From the season 5 finale, we know that none of these girls are A. In season 3 Uber A stole the game making Cece redcoat. What happened the night Emily was drugged?

who dug up alison s body macro

I think that it may have been Charles himself, since the likelyhood of other helpers knowing about the dollhouse is low. Melissa Melissa really is one of the most interesting characters because of how many different motivations she has throughout the show.

who dug up alison s body macro