Synology how to map drive

Tell us about your experience with our site. Finally worked after downloading Synology Assistant and using its map a drive function.

synology how to map drive

The web console has a control panel that allows me to add a new user to the NAS. This thread is locked.

How To Mount Synology Shared Drive Outside Local Network

Sorry this didn't help. Skip to main content. I am not a very experienced user but I have never had an issue mapping a network drive in Windows. The issue is that I can't connect to my NAS as stated above. HungaDunga3 Replied on May 15, 2016. Site Feedback. Good luck!

Windows 10 unable to map network drive Synolgy NAS

Tried everything on this thread with no success. Then I mapped the drive as normal. EirikD Replied on December 27, 2017.

synology how to map drive

I gave myself full permissions. Yes No. Tayblazer Replied on February 26, 2018. Just started having this problem over the weekend, not able to use "map a network drive" to map to my NAS shares even though it was fine previously. I found the solution - after hours of frustration.

synology how to map drive

Tips and common error messages for Windows when mapping a network drive Hope this information is helpful. In reply to b3g7's post on August 23, 2015.

synology how to map drive

Thanks anyhow! I couldn't mount my NAS on Windows 10 before enabling file and printer sharing: Niranjan Manjhi Replied on August 2, 2015. This site in other languages x. I'd previously had the same annoying error with the Synology Assistant and the meaningless error code 1312.