Maplestory soul master use what weapon

True Sight — Persist Required Level: Ignore Elemental Resistance is the one that applies to enemies when your character inflicts damage via skill.

maplestory soul master use what weapon

Every time you use a Luna skill, the next skill you use will be Sol Skill. Inner Harmony MAX 4. All souls except Augmented, Murr Murr, Tutu and Nene are untradeable, expires in 30 days if not attached.

You'll have extra 100 Str compared to any other warrior class by the level of 200. Invincible while casting. SP is not required for this skill, and it can be used if you learn the Equinox Cycle skill.

Dawn Warrior

Ayumilove there is a new 4th job skill for Dawn Warriors which I already mentioned in my other comment, Equinox Slash. Basically jobs that does not rely much on MP.

maplestory soul master use what weapon

Sword Mastery 5 5. Critical Rate: Cannot be used with Falling Moon. Luna Stance enables all your skills to perform double hits with higher critical rate but reduces your damage approximately by half.

With the introduction of new characters, I doubt your characters will be nerfed or anything. Once Thunder Breaker achieve one of the hyper skills, it will allow them to spam 1 attack Tornado which has much larger range compared to Dawn Warrior, so it will be much easier to take down big bosses such as Zakum with multiple hands or Horntail from afar.

Soul of Resilience MAX 5.

maplestory soul master use what weapon

The video was made in 2013 and MapleStory has performed 1 or more skill revamps between 2013 to 2018 that may have added, updated or removed the skills. Inverse Slash is not designed to spam that way.

MapleStory Dawn Warrior aka Soul Master Skill Build Guide

I have updated the 4th job skill build guide section to have 3 skill points instead of 4 skill points. Did this change? Hi DWseriousquestion, try setting MapleStory background image to the lowest quality and try again.

Striker absorbs damage like a sponge, higher HP consumption.

Soul Master / Dawn Warrior Guide

The range is similar to Kaiser's. Has a cooldown of 1800 seconds Note: Harmony of the Sword MAX 7.

maplestory soul master use what weapon

To attach or replace a soul, simply drag from your Use inventory and drop into your equipped weapon, or use the skill Legendary Spirit double clicking will not work. Therefore, no early 1 SP into Sol Stance and its maxed the last. Kaiser Cadena Angelic Buster.

maplestory soul master use what weapon