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At the border cities we have to check if there is Rossmann on the German site. Pizza Pai, Ksantos, Lynx. Star Europa Holding Leasing agent: We have been developing a distribution network in other markets for 20 years, particularly in Russia and Ukraine. In operation since 2007-09 GLA: Neinver Polska Sp. Cooperative ownership Developer: The same is true in the case of our stores. Batory Development. In operation since 11-2011 GLA: In operation since 2004 Total area: In operation since 09-2009 GLA: Development Makrum Marketing director: Skierniewice Location: Apsys Polska Sp.

The aver-. Ptak Fashion City is the only facility in Europe, which allows complex production, purchase and distribution of clothing in one place on a large scale. PH 2 Developer: Under construction palnned for 2012-Q1 Total area: Neinver Asset.

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Poland is the 6th largest market in Europe in shop-. Atrium European Real Estate Developer: Under construction palnned for 2015-09 GLA: SCC Management Marketing director:.

Echo Investment SA Managing company: Aleje Jerozolimskie, 02-222 Warszawa Tel.: Atrium Felicity Sp.