How to vote kick yourself in csgo

How to Vote Kick Yourself in CS:GO Competitive Matches

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how to vote kick yourself in csgo

Luckily I was playing with a friend and he explained the situation to everyone. When a vote is called to kick you, can you vote positive?

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how to vote kick yourself in csgo

Ramirez By the way I've added an update to my answer which is mega-helpful much more often. Done, vote to kick you began.

This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Only the first number listed under the " " is important for u to start the votekick for yourself.

how to vote kick yourself in csgo

You asked players to kick you out of the game. There has been games where I've been with a friend and the "Dude call votekick on me" has been mentioned between me and him. If you just quit competitive game in CS: This item is incompatible with Counter-Strike: Ask Question. Then you will see the votekick box appear letting others know a votekick has started by you to kick you.

kick yourself in CS:GO

SlyJesse Last Online 3 hrs, 52 mins ago. But most probably they didn't want to kick anyone and no vote started, but you have a wish to quit the game. Look up your entry and memorize your number. Remember you should only queue for games that you are going to and have time to complete no matter how bad your team is. But there is a way for you to quit the game without getting banned.

how to vote kick yourself in csgo