How to stick nails

You can buy a French manicure kit or pick up your own pink, clear and white nail polish to do the job.

PSA: Press-On Nails Are Back & Cooler Than Ever

Tips To remove nails applied with adhesive tape, use a bit of cuticle oil. Just get them to the same length and you'll be good as long as your nails aren't longer than the fake ones. Giving yourself a quick manicure prep before applying fake nails will keep your nails healthy and ensure the fake nails stay on for as long as possible.

Nail art has come a long way since a toothpick-dotted flower made your middle school dance outfit feel extra special. Line the bottom of the fake nail up with your nail bed, or the very bottom of your natural nail.

how to stick nails

Thank you for your help! Press down on the applied nail for about 15 seconds to encourage the nail to stay in place. Like a Chanel quilted crossbody bag, there's something inherently classic about pink nail polish. But a couple months ago, senior beauty editor Alix Tunell declared that press-on nails were officially cool again after discovering Static Nails.

how to stick nails

Handle the fake nails carefully as much as you can. If the clear polish dries out, just apply another coat.

How to Apply Artificial Nails Using Nail Glue

By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Press the right edge of the artificial nail onto the right edge of your real nail so that the base of the artificial nail is as close to the cuticle as possible.

How To Apply Fake Nails (Tips to make it easy!) - Make it Fancy - Fiona Frills

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how to stick nails

You could aim to cut them until they just barely peek over the tip of your digits. This tape is what people use to help hold up strapless dresses.

How to Apply Fake Nails at Home

Not Helpful 4 Helpful 7. Show your nails some love by leaving them au naturel for a bit read: Apply a small amount of acetone nail polish remover to a cotton pad. Try a polka-dotted look, or do something more complicated, like a panda or strawberry. Try a nail art pen.