Getcontextpath in javascript what is the syntax

getcontextpath in javascript what is the syntax

Every URL parameter value is in fact an expression, so you can easily substitute your literals with any other expressions, including i18n, conditionals…: Latest Topics. This section describe you how to get the contextPath of web application. This is done by means of the so-called link expressions , a type of Thymeleaf Standard Expression: Much preferred, keeps the JS unobtrusive. Skyway's JSP tags automatically handle pathing issues, however this doesn't address the loading of auxilliary resources, such as images, css, and javascript.

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getcontextpath in javascript what is the syntax

For me this solution results in Thymeleaf exception when used on guest pages such as Login github. We will illustrate this concept using a simple example.

getcontextpath in javascript what is the syntax

Make use if configured so of different CDN Content Delivery Network setups, in order to link to content distributed among several servers. Relative paths presume that a web application has a very flat or consistent url structure.

How can i get Context Path in JavaScript functions

Toggle navigation. This was much clearer. Related 4879. Thymeleaf is open source software distributed under the Apache License 2. Hot Network Questions.

getcontextpath in javascript what is the syntax

When you will compile and deploy the example and execute the Servlet then the output will be as follows:. These are URLs which are supposed to be relative to the web application root once it is installed on the server. The following JSP fragment shows the use of the variable for including a css library, including a javascript library, and including a image from image library.


We will also create the JSP page to get the contextPath. When referencing web application resources URLs, images, css, javascript libraries, etc... Automatically apply proxy configuration to URLs when needed. In this example, the application is deployed by an application developer to a local tomcat instance http: