Doctor who dimensions in time trailer

He uses his psychic powers to join with his earlier incarnations, then uses a converter linked to the dual time brains in the Rani's computers to propel her TARDIS into her own trap, with his first and second incarnations emerging from the time tunnel.

doctor who dimensions in time trailer

The cutest thing of all? Trailers and Videos. As they walk, Ace is shocked to see the Doctor turn into his sixth incarnation. In response to this, many of those involved began to attempt to justify the special.

Thanks to some information accidentally published by US retail giant Walmart and spotted by the eagle-eyed Brick Inquirer , we now know that Valve's classic puzzler Portal is also joining the Lego Dimensions universe.

Lego Dimensions: brand new Doctor Who trailer, Peter Capaldi among cast

IMDb Everywhere. Discovered by a pair of men, Romana II leaves her hiding place to find the Doctor, but is instead dragged into the Queen Vic pub.

doctor who dimensions in time trailer

Walker , David J. Mystery Sci-Fi. Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. It was also the final BBC1 appearance for most of the Doctor Who characters involved, the first time in Doctor Who history that 3D technology had been used in the recording and broadcast of a television story and the first time that the televised audience were able to affect the outcome of a Doctor Who story by telephone vote.

Doctor Who: Dimensions In Time - 1993 Children In Need

The Second Doctor Handbook Many concluded that the story was one of the many "oddities" which was not within the main "canon" of Doctor Who stories.

Learn more More Like This. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The Rani.

doctor who dimensions in time trailer

You may be looking for The Dimensions of Time. Rate This. Technical Specs.

doctor who dimensions in time trailer

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It was the first and only time that John Nathan-Turner received a writing credit on a televised story, and it attracted the biggest audience of anything he had produced. Watch now. Lego Dimensions is coming to just about every gaming platform in September, and will see the Lego brand assimilate yet more icons from popular culture.