Jason chow and wsj

jason chow and wsj

Jason Chow. Write to Jason Chow at jason. Feb 12, 2019 Open in Who Shared Wrong byline?

jason chow and wsj

They're learning very fast here, but it's still learning. Social Media Twitter.

Harvard Expands Reach in Asia (Wall Street Journal, Jason Chow and Te-Ping Chen, March 19, 2013)

This byline is mine, but I want my name removed. For us growing up in small-town southern Alberta, Calgary was our Atlanta, a 3-hour drive for us to get decent dim sum and dried shitakes.

Sep 27, 2018. The Swiss and U. The four-day event falls in the middle of a very crowded art calendar, just a week after the Frieze Art Fair in New York and a month before the Art Basel show in Switzerland.

jason chow and wsj

Timing is part of its identity crisis. Jan 02, 2019. RT joebeef: Simunovic said collectors' tastes are global—what clients are seeking to buy in Hong Kong is similar to that sought by buyers in New York.

Jason Chow

Sep 26, 2018 Open in Who Shared Wrong byline? RT globeandmail: The Basel fair, which takes place in early June, has become a hub for established European collectors wanting to snag a Hirst or Picasso; Miami Beach, scheduled in December, not only attracts deep-pocketed buyers but also serves as a warm escape for celebrity party-goers— Kim Kardashian , Kanye West and Demi Moore were just a few of those who attended last year.

jason chow and wsj

The Hong Kong fair's calling card has yet to be determined. And yes, I love ginger beef — a Chinese dish only found in the Canadian prairies. Organizers also say they are trying best for the fair to reflect geography: Art Basel made a splashy entrance in Hong Kong last year with its first fair in the city.

Most of the expected 65,000 attendees are from within the region, and many are young and recently minted wealthy collectors from second- and third-tier cities in China, Indonesia and other rising economies.

jason chow and wsj

Create a Portfolio. Jan 06, 2019.