How much is rod roddenberry worth

how much is rod roddenberry worth

I've read that Dawn passed away in 1995, so that leaves Darleen, who's 59 at this time. Therin of Andor , Aug 10, 2013. He's very special and he's produced this wonderful film -- a son's journey to learn about his father.

how much is rod roddenberry worth

Roddenberry pictured below started work on "Trek Nation" in 2001, first attending "Trek" conventions. In 1991, when Roddenberry was 17 years old, his father died, after which he began to more closely examine Star Trek and discover "what made the series special" to its fans.

New York State. Much better than Rod suddenly deciding he wants cas-- I mean cares about Star Trek. They're hardly acknowleged in any writings and if it weren't for their roles in Miri, I wouldn't have known anything about them.

Gene Roddenberry's Son Reveals Unhappy 'Star Trek' Family Life

Assisting in the birth of baby Horta on Janus VI. Roddenberry , Eugene Roddenberry Jr. The young Roddenberry was only 17 when his famous father died, never fully understanding the impact that Gene Roddenberry had not only on American television, but on the whole world and the culture of science fiction.

And Rod Roddenberry looks back on his own trek to discover things about his father that he never knew.

'Star Trek' creator Gene Roddenberry's dynasty endures

ZapBrannigan , Aug 19, 2013. Roddenberry struggled initially with his father's near legendary stature among Star Trek fans, commenting "A son cannot identify with a mythical figure; my father was put up on this pedestal throughout my life... Roddenberry admits that, as legions of worldwide fans grew around "Star Trek," his home life wasn't perfect.

But this television special isn't just all about the "Trek" phenomenon, which -- beginning in 1966 -- comprised six television series, 11 motion pictures, and scores of games and novels.

how much is rod roddenberry worth

Read more about Eugene Roddenberry Jr. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Roddenberry Jr.

Gene Roddenberry's Daughters

And I wanted to do a documentary about the fans," he said. Majel certainly was hell for folks selling fan products at conventions. Los Angeles.

how much is rod roddenberry worth

Suggest a correction. Rod Roddenberry Date of Birth is 1974-02-05.

Jan 12, 2009 Location: Keep doing what you're doing, you are our inspiration. Obviously they're living their own lives. The Next Generation. Jan 20, 2007 Location: He says he wants Star Trek aficionados to have hope, and believe that they can find and develop a great idea.