Hangover part 2 chow elevator pranks

The letters describe Chow's behavior in prison, revealing that he urinated on a prison guard, while Alan discusses a burger made available at McDonald's.

hangover part 2 chow elevator pranks

Chow's number one goal is to keep the party going, even if that involves illegal actions to fund it. He reunited with the Wolfpack after they wake up in Bangkok on the eve of Stu's wedding to his Thai girlfriend, Lauren Srisai , after partying all night along with Lauren's academic little brother, Teddy.

At first, when Chow realizes that Alan came with Stu and Phil without telling him, he attack the latter two, throwing a rock at the windscreen of Phil's minivan.

hangover part 2 chow elevator pranks

Chow, Leslie Race: Chow is considered a "cancer" by Phil since the Wolfpack always get involved with his criminal activities whenever they get in contact with Chow. Believing that Chow died, the trio ditch his body in an ice freezer. He became best friends with Alan premature to the second film and even stayed in contact with him when Chow was imprisoned in Thailand. Alan remembers that the wedding cake was a gift from Chow, who emerges from the next room entirely naked, laughing and holding a katana blade, declaring that they had another "sick night".

Tijuana, Mexico temporarily Bangkok, Thailand temporarily Family and relatives: Chow and Alan became friends prior to the second film, still keeping in contact after their last encounter in Vegas.

Later in the movie, Chow and his gang drive their SUV to hit the trio while stationary in their car.

Leslie Chow

Leslie Chow Background information First appearance: He is seen in several photos during the end credits, where he was hanging out with the guys during their blackout. He is usually seen naked, accompanied by his pubic hair and extremely small penis - a running gag throughout the film series. Chow himself has also hinted that his testicles are small too.

Hangover 2 Chow Classic Switchar

The Hangover Part II: Even though Chow may come across as a crazy, erratic buzz junkie, there is more beneath the surface; Chow's mind is thinking up new tricks, he has street smarts and experience in "underworld" activities as well as links in all kinds of places. The four then go to a local barn where Stu and Phil attempt to drug Chow, spiking his drink with Demerol while Chow sing's Johnny Cash's "Hurt" on karaoke, but Chow notices and makes them confess why they want to drug him.

hangover part 2 chow elevator pranks

After seeing the monkey pull and lick on the thing, Phil notices and begins to ponder if it is a penis. The men later meet with Kingsley at the Lebua Hotel, and Chow wires his debt to Kingsley over a computer transaction.

hangover part 2 chow elevator pranks