When is first weekend of coachella

Check out our best shots of the most fashionable festival-goers. Other highlights: Coachella experiences its last financially challenging year. Coachella 2019 preview.

when is first weekend of coachella

Also significant are electronic artists Flume, Major Lazer and Underworld. Highlights also are provided by Leonard Cohen and Morrissey. You may also want to view these photo galleries: Awesome, you're subscribed! For car camping, tent camping and Lake Eldorado prices, look here.

Coachella 2019: Lineup, Tickets & Deets

Art becomes more important as Goldenvoice, under second-year art curator Paul Clemente, emphasizes commissioning works over renting them from sites such as Burning Man.

Coachella gets a new brand image with the appearance of Poetic Kinetics giant spaceman, called Escape Velocity.

when is first weekend of coachella

After well-documented struggles with drugs and alcohol, a sober Reznor reveals he can still conjure the rage that made him one of the most important performers of the 1990s. Kendrick's fiery headlining set, Khaled's surprises and more from Suday. Cargo shorts are cool, right? Iggy Pop reunites with the Stooges after a 28-year break and they sound remarkably muscular.

You can also manage your settings. Go to desert. Now that the lineup is settled, find out who are must-see acts this year.

Coachella turns 20 this year. Take a look back at the festival's history

Getting to Coachella is one thing. The Coachella 2019 lineup has been announced. Scoring an invite to some of these can be tough, but so worth it.

when is first weekend of coachella

Love Time Out? Post to Facebook. Before you start packing, be sure to check out these shops for festival clothing.

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Coachella festival 2019 guide

We know these celebrities are heading out to, or already in, the desert. We're digging into the best of this year's offerings. Coachella 2018 preview. Packing for Coachella is another.