What do chanel perfumes smell like

I like it.

7 of the best Chanel perfumes

See also: One woman may love Chanel No. One spritz on my wrist, and I could instantly smell it.

what do chanel perfumes smell like

It was perfect to wear around the office because it wasn't too dramatic. Ooh la la. About the Author.

26 bargain perfumes that smell just like designer scents

Youth Dew initially reminded me of an old leather-bound book in that it was stately and established, but it softened after a few hours of wear to something a little lighter and more floral. Thanks x 1. I only wear Mademoiselle by Chanel. The use of her true name Gabrielle, for the fragrance, reflects a "bare-all" mindset , as most call her Mademoiselle, while friends refer to her as Coco.

what do chanel perfumes smell like

Something light, maybe a little cirtus-y, and something my grandma would like. Honestly I prefer Mademoiselle for myself. And here, we break down to you on what Gabrielle Chanel will smell like.

what do chanel perfumes smell like

Nothing to me better represents what a true and powerful woman should be. No one really knows except Chanel herself.

Does Chanel no. 5 smell good... or does it really smell like Grandma???

Not only is this perfume unique in its composition, but it was also one of the first fragrances to use synthetic notes called Aldehydes. Jul 15, 2011 12. A daring new scent that radiates with power, it is the perfect companion to those with a rebellious spirit, daring soul and confident personality, just like Mademoiselle herself.

what do chanel perfumes smell like

Jul 15, 2011 21. For some reason, every time I smell that, I think of an old lady. To me, it smells old.