How to use gopro arm strap

Simple Wrist Mount with Quick Clip Mount - GoPro Tip #343

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how to use gopro arm strap

NomadKey and ChargeCard for Travelers. Chris Backe is the avid traveler and blogger behind One Weird Globe, dedicated to highlighting offbeat destinations throughout the world.

Too Many Adapters

When I do time lapses during road trips, I can charge my battery since you can attach a cord through the hole. Between being tiny, powerful, virtually shockproof, and able to be mounted on anything, anywhere, it rocks. I wish there was a handlebar mount that incorporated shock absorbtion to filter and reduce road buzz Or an extreme one that had a gravity gimble, like a steadycam.

how to use gopro arm strap

Not so much in the other housing. It should go without saying, but the 3M adhesive sticks best to a clean, dry, surface — clean the object off first, then apply using some pressure between the mount and object.

Way to be minimalistic there, you videographer.

how to use gopro arm strap

I was however looking forward to using a chesty on my upcoming trek but seems that may not be a good idea. Here are five of my personal favorites.

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I do not own a camera of any sort, just my phone. The knockoffs are getting better, but all of these save two are made by GoPro themselves.

The chesty actually works very well for adventure motorcycle riding.

how to use gopro arm strap

I love my GoPro. We'll also send over a free 5000-word guide to get you started!

GoPro: Introducing The Strap

Read our full disclosure policy here. But I clamped it onto my tripod which I set up to shoot photos and I can film at the same time. Very helpful Chris! Photo credit: Can you tell me your opinion and what extras I should get with it. Right now, hold out an arm and try to point the top of your hand forward. Articles on this site contain affiliate links, meaning we may be compensated if you purchase a product or service after clicking them.