How to do ice skating jumps

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All the Figure Skating Lingo You Need to Know Before the Olympics

The toe-pick is pretty easy to explain easier if you've ever watched The Cutting Edge. A professional coach and a professional facility to make sure you are doing these with safety.

how to do ice skating jumps

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how to do ice skating jumps

It was created in the aftermath of the judging scandal at the 2002 Olympics , when a French judge unfairly placed a Russian pairs team in first place in exchange for another judge placing the French ice dance team first in their event. A skater then uses the toe pick of their back foot to vault themselves into the air as the front foot slides past it on the takeoff. In other years, the themes have been hip hop, swing, waltz, polka, etc.

How Physics Keeps Figure Skaters Gracefully Aloft

View Sample. The skater could then see the comparison between what they did and what the jump would look like with some small modifications. These lifts can be done in a straight line or on a circle, and some rotate.

how to do ice skating jumps

Compared with a short program: This toe-pick assisted jump starts from the back outside edge and lands on the back outside edge of the same foot if you're right handed, this is taking off from the right foot and landing your right foot.

The toe jumps you use the toe pick to toe into the ice and vaults you up on the takeoff of the jump. That's what makes the Olympics' skating competition so wonderful and so heartbreaking: Skiers harness their knowledge of friction and hydrology, and lugers push their aerodynamics chops to the limits.

how to do ice skating jumps

The loop is another edge jump, where the jumper in this case, Johnny Weir takes off from his back outside edge and lands on the back outside edge of the same leg. Then they would go in and tweak the body position at the point of the jump where the skater had some room to improve. The landing flips to the outside edge of the opposite foot.

how to do ice skating jumps

Once you've mastered this, perform the waltz jump by pushing with your left leg that is slightly bent. When you kick through, try to kick your foot as far away from your body as you can.