How to clean battery posts in car

Once the terminals are dry, dab a bit of petroleum jelly onto them. It worked just like it said. Just follow up with the wire brush, if necessary. Welcome to mechanics.


A Anonymous Sep 9, 2016. Dip an old toothbrush into the mixture and scrub the top of the battery to remove corrosion buildup.

how to clean battery posts in car

Once they're clean, install anti-corrosion discs if you're using them see next step , re-install the terminals, positive side first, and you're good to go! Are you certain that none of that acid is going to be in your work area? If you notice that the battery case is leaking, swollen, or bloated, skip the cleaning and head straight to your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care for a new battery.

how to clean battery posts in car

It isn't harmful and there are no special disposal requirements. Now you need to scrape off the deposits. Even though baking soda is generally safe, it is better to avoid getting in on other car parts or on your skin.

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how to clean battery posts in car

John G John G 11 1. Learning that from this article was great. Try as much as possible to avoid sparks or arcing when you remove or replace the cables; don't let it bounce on the battery terminal frequently.

Clean Battery Posts = Reliable Starting

We recommend to add petroleum jelly Vaseline or any other material which is hydrophobic. Allow it to soak for two minutes, then rinse off with water. Matthew Wright has been a freelance writer and editor for over 10 years and an automotive repair professional for three decades specializing in European vintage vehicles. How do I tell positive and negative on a battery if the battery posts are not marked? I've tried them and, to my surprise, they seemed to work to some degree.

No thank you, Jiffy Lube.

how to clean battery posts in car

You'll need one or two wrenches depending on your setup. He since moved on to learn a few things about coefficient of drag, G-forces, toe-heel shifting, and how to work the crazy infotainment system in some random weekly driver. Lift the Terminal C overs Plastic or rubber covers protect most batteries and must be removed to access the clamps that connect the cables to the terminals. That is what my car mechanic did.

How to Clean Battery Terminals with Stuff You Already Have

Knowing how to clean battery terminals and the connection points will free them of residue and keep your car running. Place one wrench on the outside nut and if needed the other wrench on the other side. Yes, the reason Coke works is that it has sodium bicarbonate in it. Vladimir Oselsky Vladimir Oselsky 165 2 3 8.