How to add a poll on facebook

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how to add a poll on facebook

Break out some of the best GIFs from your favorite TV shows and movies and pose the question to all your loyal Facebook followers. But the bad news is that monthly active users are….

The livestreaming feature is launching in beta in the U. The latest news is that Instagram is considering adding direct messages. Posted 2 weeks ago — By Trevor Mogg. Posted 2 hours ago — By Erika Rawes. Smart Home Make a customized chore chart or trivia game with the best Alexa Skill Blueprints You can use Alexa Blueprints to make your own skills for your Echo devices.

how to add a poll on facebook

Social Media Twitter users are declining but more people are seeing ads every day Twitter's end-of-the-year report for 2018 is a mix of good and bad news. Social Media Instagram test reveals direct messages may be coming to browsers Instagram for the web has always been a minimalist affair compared to the feature-rich smartphone app, but in the last few years that's started to change.

Use pictures and GIFs to add some fun to your Facebook polls

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There are only two possible poll answers, so choose wisely. Our in-depth guide shows you how to mirror content from your smartphone or tablet to the big screen.

Facebook: Here’s How to Create a Poll in Stories

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how to add a poll on facebook

For its part, Twitter has had a polling option for several years, with four possible responses rather than two. Posted 1 week ago — By Mark Jansen. Social Media LinkedIn finally gets around to launching its own live video tool Live video is coming to LinkedIn for businesses and individuals on the site. Text-only polls have been an option on Facebook Pages for quite some time, but now you can add them to your regular posts and use images for your answers.

Facebook added polls to its Messenger chat app more than a year ago, and it recently acquired the anonymous polling app tbh. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share.