British army pictures in afghanistan what counts

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british army pictures in afghanistan what counts

Last British troops leave Helmand. Topics Afghanistan First thoughts. But they cannot control a single province safely, least of all the opium belt of Helmand.

british army pictures in afghanistan what counts

By 2011, calls were growing for the British to pull out, and Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to end combat operations by 2015, saying, "I believe the country needs to know there is an end point to all of this". By April 2002, UK forces were concentrated in Kabul, with 1,700 soldiers working alongside other allied units.

The idea that British lives must be risked aiding such a force is absurd. It is cannon fodder for a Taliban that has been fighting Kabul for generations.

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Why are UK and US sending more troops to Afghanistan?

Daily news briefing direct to your inbox Sign up for our newsletter. Why you can trust BBC News. But the MoD said it remains committed to ensuring Britain's Armed Forces have the right skills to face intensifying global threats.

british army pictures in afghanistan what counts

BBC defence correspondent Jonathan Beale said he understood that Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson recommended sending up to 400 more army personnel into Afghanistan, joining the 600 already there training Afghan soldiers.

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More British troops are being sent to Afghanistan – to appease Trump

By 2003, the Taliban had regrouped, and a resurgence began. The Blesma general secretary, Jerome Church, said: In September 2015, the Taliban briefly captured the northern city of Kunduz in their most significant advance since being forced from power in 2001.

british army pictures in afghanistan what counts

Church, a former lieutenant colonel, said he believed the figures reflected the surge in violence, but also the medical care behind the rise in survival rates of severely injured personnel. A Guardian documentary on US troops in Helmand province in Afghanistan reports military commanders treating the area "like a low-level minefield".

Afghanistan Herrick 12 british Army. My tour in pics

It's a marker of how very seriously injured people are being cared for on the ground by our young medics and surviving.

The army is demoralised, under-strength, and cursed by desertion.