How to write good fan mail

how to write good fan mail

Visit the person's website to find their address. If they fall out of favor, it is sometimes quite difficult to ever return to their former glory. You must be sincere, but do not overdo it with flattery. Hopefully their agent will forward the letter to them at home.

how to write good fan mail

Tell him or her about this really great recipe you have and that they would love it if you made it for them. Article Info This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

10 Tips for Writing a Fan Letter

A Anonymous Feb 25, 2017. Certain musicians are good candidates for this as are people who had their heyday more than fifteen years ago. Nov 26, 2016. But I think it will help your career if you never take up drinking and partying all night because then you won't risk dying young and your art will continue to amaze us for many decades to come.


Show off your personality. JR Jordan Reynolds Oct 17, 2016.

How to Impress Celebrities with Fan Mail

Not Helpful 9 Helpful 16. In response, someone inside the Browns organization sent back this simple reply: Be honest, genuine, and candid. Thank them and wish them well.

As an added bonus, then Browns owner Art Modell is copied on the letter. Send a direct message. The most reliable responders appear to be writers. You may be writing an author to get practical tips in order to better your own writing style.

how to write good fan mail

The same way you would send a package overseas -- by air or sea. Your responsibility as a fan is to try to be understanding. They get a ton of letters and may not have time to respond.

how to write good fan mail

Thank you so much.