How to spell zeros or zeroes

Zeros or zeroes? Test Your Vocabulary.

how to spell zeros or zeroes

Hi, When I consulted my dictionary dictionary. Notify me of new comments via email. If you are the published of a journal you are the de facto "authority" for those papers.

how to spell zeros or zeroes

I'll bet the class gerbil didn't "go to live with a nice farm family" either! Resources for zero Time Traveler!

Translation of zero Nglish: In this case, "double zero" is a singular noun referring to two zeros. Cincinnati Bengals don't win big games with Lewis? Time Traveler for zero The first known use of zero was in 1598 See more words from the same year. But tech geeks, with their superhuman ability to manipulate ones and zeroes , do.

Here's an example phrase: You can then clearly see that zero is not already plural.

zeroes /zeros

Your example is of the plural form of comment. I left that out because it could be used in more contexts than the "double" family. Having seen zeros as well, I looked it up and to my surprise both my German-English dictionary and Webster's include that spelling. Sign up using Email and Password. Liz at Libro January 12, 2013 at 9: Atlantic Monthly, Volume 6, No. Meaghan ReBell.

how to spell zeros or zeroes

The number ends with double zero[es]. The Corpus of Historical American English has six citations that are even older, the oldest one being from 1914. I hope I have helped you.

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