How to preserve our heritage sites

Developing and facilitating such a platform gives credence and justification for a city to provide a distinct urban identity to cultural expressions and manifestations.

how to preserve our heritage sites

Economic, demographic, environmental, and social issues are increasingly recognized as affecting human security.

Small homogeneous groups where there is mutual trust and concern are more cooperative and supportive, at least initially.

Preserving Our Stories, Treasures & Places

By assigning such a value, we ensure that "... Conscientize the group!.

how to preserve our heritage sites

The elements of a good strategy A typical heritage conservation strategy will take into consideration a number of elements, including: Conservation has to therefore include issues related not only to cultural and historical, but to ecological and natural assets of the locality as well.

Use small groups.

how to preserve our heritage sites

A good heritage conservation strategy will have to ensure that the scale of the action is local and micro in nature, and is - first and foremost - relevant to, and benefits, the local community. If planned and implemented properly, conserving and preserving the local heritage assets provides a rallying point for people to work together, and to feel a sense of pride in their locality.

how to preserve our heritage sites

It also helps in utilizing resources to the best possible extent, and establishing a network where training and awareness building can take place. A good heritage conservation strategy incorporates all aspects of a region's heritage - historical, but also natural and cultural.

how to preserve our heritage sites

Master craftsmen may in fact be designated as 'living assets' of the local culture, as is done in Japan. Urban identity Many cities have reinvented themselves to develop this heritage platform by building and emphasizing their historical roots and cultural assets.

A good heritage conservation strategy will have to integrate intangible assets as well, creating a smooth continuum between them. Heritage preservation is more labour-intensive, which means more jobs.

Participation ensures control over allocation of project resources, and mobilization of community resources for development.

Preserving Our Past for the Future - Historical Monuments & Heritage Sites

Need for a broader outlook A problem that is faced in heritage conservation is the vertical demarkation of natural, cultural and historical heritage assets between different departments and agencies, with little, if any, coordination or integration among them. Urban anonymity But without the necessary economic opportunities and jobs sought by urban populations, this has lead to a divided society of have's and have-nots, of skills, finances and access to resources.

Each member can then put his or her house on the map. It's not just about saving bricks, but about saving the layers and layers of information about our lives and those of our ancestors.