How to load maps on minecraft server

This is the name of the folder that the server will use when starting up.

how to load maps on minecraft server

Open the com. The location varies depending on what operating system you are using: The server will recognise capitalisation , spacing and punctuation so keeping the file name simple will make this process easier.

How to Upload a Minecraft Map to your Minecraft Server

Now that we have the files, we're going to put them in the. Make sure to note what version of Minecraft the map is designed for. If you are a server owner with us, you will have access to switching between all of them in a matter of moments with the one-click installer: I never knew thats what you had to do.

how to load maps on minecraft server

This also applies if you have given your normal Minecraft world a unique name. Click on Backup in the left navigation menu. Edit Related wikiHows. This will display a list of your saved worlds.

Tutorials/Map downloads

Check out your inventory on what you can add. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. You will receive a warning saying that some files may be over-written. You can either create your own map or install a custom map made by other players.


Change the settings to match the requirements outlined in the description page of the Minecraft map that you downloaded. Your File Manager will display all of the folders on your Android device. This tab contains eggs for every creature that exists in the game.

how to load maps on minecraft server

Thanks for letting us know. On your friend's computer, click "multiplayer" and wait for your username to pop up. Share the file with others.


Simply search "minecraft maps" to find more maps than you'll know what to do with. On MCPE, click "play", then "friends" and click on your username. You will see a list of folders for all of your saved games. Ultimatro Ultimatro 51 5.