When is desert hearts 2014

Desert Hearts uses the same principles as Burning Man: The emphasis is on the crew and the ambiance they create by carefully orchestrating the sound of the events house in the daytime, "bangin' techno" late at night and incorporating elements like live art, fire dancers and a "pillow pit.

Photo Gallery: Desert Hearts Festival

We had our own stack of documents saying why we were exempt from all these violations. He claims that they create an experience that's "better than 99. Their first foray into party starting wasn't ideal. I was always like 'Oh, Coachella, best weekend of the year!

when is desert hearts 2014

Tickets and more info available via the Desert Hearts website. But it's not just the promoters who invest their hearts into the event. It basically outlined every violation we were about to make and said they were gonna shut us down.

when is desert hearts 2014

VICE Elsewhere. Desert Hearts stood their ground: Now that Desert Hearts has thrown five desert parties in two years, as well as successful City Hearts events in Los Angeles and San Francisco, they're ready to extend their reach. Liz Ohanesian February 12, 2015 5: House and techno: Have fun, but don't leave a mess when you leave.

Sure enough, 15 minutes after the music started, a helicopter and nine police SUV's roll up to the party.

Desert Hearts: The Story of the West Coast's Fastest Rising Party Squad

If it sounds like a slice of Burning Man in California, there's a reason for it. We went up to the police, stood out there with our stack of documents, said, 'you guys can fine us, whatever you want, but you cannot shut us down.

In less than two years, Desert Hearts has gone from an upstart renegade desert party crew to a bonafide player on the alternative festival circuit. Lion points out that because Desert Hearts is a camping experience as much as it is a dance music festival, everyone has to prepare for it. One stage, one vibe. Top Stories Send:. The Top Five.

when is desert hearts 2014

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