What is wu continental finance

I think that if you keep the balance low or use only for emergencies you should be okay. Julio ramos on April 27, 2017 at 1: Received a text from this number stating "WU Sill Alert.

I just got this card in the mail today Saturday! That high APR will lead to debt. Delete Cancel Save.


This is a hybrid credit card, so depending on your credit history and score, you could be offered an unsecured card, a partially secured card, or a fully secured card. Shares 24. Thanks again! This I can understand. Hi I just got my verve card and activated it. I do have poor credit and have not been able to qualify for any other card.

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what is wu continental finance

Sketchy does not convey the craptasticness of this set-up. Danielle on February 27, 2015 at 5: The problem with the lag on your payment is common with cards in this category, unfortunately. Who has hours to activate a credit card?

what is wu continental finance

The mischievous frog had just eaten a sacred Naxi text, so the villagers stabbed him in the stomach; water spurted from between his legs, blood gushed bright red from his mouth. You need to request a pin number from customer service as they will not automatically mail you one and they do not give pin numbers or do pin requests online either.

Customer service: This sounds fishy to me, any experience with paying off a debt to a creditor this way??

The Verve Credit Card Review: Nothing to See Here, Folks

When I asked him if this is the way they treat new customers he apologized and said no. I called to activate the credit card.

what is wu continental finance

Well, it was Dan S. Thanks for all your input.