What is 1738 fetty wap

The secret behind the number is this.

what is 1738 fetty wap

The only person who maybe outdid him was Drake. Follow me on Twitter c00pasaurus for sad short stories about attractive strangers I never spoke to on public transport.

The Nice 27.

Why is Fetty Wap's squad named 1738?

A true poet. Who do you think I am, Fetty Wap?! What fetty wap says in most of his songs.

what is 1738 fetty wap

No way Jim, I ain't got that kind of money! Then they see a face behind the song, but they don't know the person. Afternoon Ladness Afternoon Ladness.

Why Does Fetty Wap Always Shout 1738?

Remy Boyz 1738 is also the name of Fetty Wap's squad in New Jersey which of course are also named after the cognac. His stage name, as it turns out, comes from his dual interest in both money and rapper Gucci Mane. These are the digits included by Fetty Wap in order to never forget his pin number. On the Seattle leg of Taylor Swift's "1989" tour , in California partying it up with Rihanna , and even on your emoji keyboard.

What Does Fetty Wap's Name Mean? There's A Story Behind The Rapper's Stage Name

Respeck 26. This is because when he went to his local liquor store growing up, it was the highest priced item there. You can discuss why 2Pac is the greatest rapper of all time in the comments section which I'll dutifully ignore.

what is 1738 fetty wap

They hear a song, and they see a name. Is it Fetty's favourite time of the day?

what is 1738 fetty wap

A fascinating year in history that led to the creation of one of the first cuckoo clocks and the birth of General Cornwallis.