How to tint tail lights

Once the tail lights have been evenly sanded, get some rubbing compound and apply a generous amount to an application pad or clean cloth. Just make sure to clean off your working surfaces again. If you're having difficulty, spray some more solution on the outside of the film and use a heat gun or hair dryer to help stretch out the film and make it more malleable. Tinting with adhesive film can be difficult.

how to tint tail lights

Car Lighting. You will need to apply firm pressure to the film to ensure you get the film tint looking as smooth as possible.

How to Tint Tail Lights With Adhesive Vinyl.

Tuck in the edges. Awesome Gear I've designed myself.

how to tint tail lights

Answer this question Flag as... Hopefully someone here can answer with personal experience. Article Summary X Before film tinting your tail lights, make sure they're clean by washing them with window cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

Although it is not difficult to tint your tail lights, the process can be time consuming, so wait until you have a full day to dedicate to this project. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Edges on tail lights often have a rounded edge. One alternative option, if you'd rather tint your whole light, is to purchase some aftermarket lights, which you can plug into the trailer hitch.

how to tint tail lights

This tint can be charged with static electricity so it will pick up any dust or dirt around. Insure that sandpaper is wet at all times when you are using it. You may need to stretch it to fit the shape of the light, which can be difficult if the light is very curved.

Those will be easiest and will give you the practice for the curvier parts.

how to tint tail lights

If this edge is dirty the film will want to pop up. As you heat up the long edge second picture apply pressure with your hands so that you stretch the film into place. Give the lights a wipe down with some cleaning product - such as rubbing alcohol, gasoline, or window cleaner - and allow the lights to dry.

how to tint tail lights

Not using any applicator fluid at all will make it difficult remove air bubbles and contour the film. If you find that the clear coat spray paint you've applied is not even, just take a piece of wet sandpaper to the taillight, sand it down, and start over with the clear coat.

If you do your tail lights in the right order, you will have the practice you need to be satisfied with the end result. Post as a guest Name. Once your tail lights have been waxed, they are ready to be reinstalled in your vehicle. Tips It is a better idea to do your work in the garage or a blocked off area rather than in the driveway or yard. You are essentially putting on a big sticker. To apply the film tint, stretch it over your tail light and press out any air bubbles with a squeegee.