How does corporate media ownership impact society

Media Conglomerates, Mergers, Concentration of Ownership

When Berlusconi addressed a nearly empty hall at the United Nations, Italian state TV cut and pasted into the scene the audience for the speech of Secretary General Kofi Annan, to create the impression for Italian viewers that their leader had been enthusiastically applauded by a full audience.

In many cases, local people are able to upload personal videos from mobile phones, etc, faster than mainstream journalists can report.

how does corporate media ownership impact society

It is hard for media workers, including journalists, to operate outside the ethos of hyper-competitition and ratings mania. It is very easy to get news from half way around the world, and some see the Internet as one of the main new technological advances that will enhance and improve democracy further.

It added that its profit before tax of Kshs. One of the major concerns that arises from such concentration is that there are very few media owners in the mainstream that reach out to the masses.

how does corporate media ownership impact society

Some news organisations even refer to their employees as the troops. While there are currently enormous problems and issues of the digital divide and while it is still in its infancy, the Internet has proved to allow enormous amounts of information to be exchanged and be made available.

how does corporate media ownership impact society

The charges, almost invariably, would prove after a few weeks or months or years to have no substance—a fact that would go unnoticed in the Berlusconi press and often in other press as well —but the country would already have moved on to a new series of equally unfounded charges. It is an undeniable fact that media is very important in people's daily lives. The risk of capture of the regulator by partisan interests occurs when positions and actions of a government regulatory agency are overly influenced by vested interests of the industry it regulates to the detriment of public interests it intended to serve.

Media Ownership and the Quality of News

Scholars such as Kellner 2004 and Buckley et al 2011 lament that mass media are not fulfilling these core functions properly. It is difficult to imagine a similar scenario playing out today.

how does corporate media ownership impact society

Traditional media are created by hierarchical organisations that are built for commerce. It would, for example, be difficult, for KTN to broadcast negative content on outdoor advertising through billboards because it has interest in the outdoor sector.

how does corporate media ownership impact society

Unfortunately, editors and other journalists are increasingly looking at their newspaper as a product that should appeal to advertisers as well as readers. Famed political activist Noam Chomsky has pointed out that large media companies tend to shape their content to best attract potential advertisers and that the largest of these advertisers often have editorial input over content.

The last link is to a speech from Barbara Ehrenreich at an awards ceremony in New York presenting stories that did not make it into corporate media due to heavy censorship. Keeble 2005 adds that newspapers and magazines in a real sense owe their origins to business imperatives.

As media conglomerates grow larger and richer, they are better able to leverage their resources for lobbying, and it has long been a goal of these corporations to privatize the Internet.