When in rome funny scenes from dumb

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'When In Rome' Is The Worst Possible Percentage Of Bad (Which Is 87 Percent)

The Big Lebowski Probably the greatest comedy film there is, so underated its sick. It's a small price to pay for the smiting. During his drive, he encounters the female spy and tries to roll down the windows to talk to her, but winds up activating every gadget in the car in the process. Good old Andy manages to get alone in the Warden's Office where he proceeds to look through his record collection and flips on Mozart's Marrage of Figaro.

Deke picks up a flashlight and nails him right in the Adam's apple, then turns to him and says, "Hush!

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Beautifully written and wonderfully performed by both. While first season was OK, first two episodes of the second season were as bad as one can imagine. Also when he tells Stiffler about it at the party and Stiffler repeats the same phrase at the top of his lungs.

when in rome funny scenes from dumb

Trainspotting Four words: It's funny because it happens to everybody at some point! Pulp Fiction Vincent and Mia dancing in the twist contest.

when in rome funny scenes from dumb

Billy Madison when the little boy pees his pants and when adam sandler sees he screems goooooo!!! You didn't tell them about my pubes, did you? She gets mad and gets out of the truck in the rain, he follows her and they start to argue.

when in rome funny scenes from dumb

Hopper understands he is about to die, and makes the most of it. The shocked look on Freddie Prinze Jr.

when in rome funny scenes from dumb

It gives me chills every time I see it. He does a wonderful impression of the Discovery Channel guy. Virgin Suicides I love the part where they are showing the montage of the news broadcast on suicide and the girl on the TV says, "I baked a pie full of rat poison.

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Then of course there is the fabulous Waterboy sorry, Waterman played by one of the show's writers, Tom Basden have a look at his own YouTube videos. They hit it off in the opening scenes, but unfortunately, they have a Big Misunderstanding, and something-something, and then it's back to New York, where Beth who, logically, can't otherwise get a date, because she looks like Kristen Bell louder!

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