How to sew curtains for arched windows

This article will explain an easy method using the bendable curtain rod kit.

how to sew curtains for arched windows

They have window roller kits that you can buy, where you add your own fabric and laminate it; of course this would not cover the arch but if you already are using a black out curtain for the whole window that shouldn't be a problem. Pull the fabric through the center of the circle to create a pouf. The rod cut length equals the arch perimeter C.

how to sew curtains for arched windows

Making a pattern is the key. The Sunburst Curtain is a rod pocket curtain that can be used as a window treatment on arched, round, square, hexagon, octagon, rectangular and oval windows. Fold material in pleats and sew the bottom part straight across, then fan the top part out to match the shape of your window.

how to sew curtains for arched windows

Prepare a paper pattern piece equal in width to the panel flat fabric width and the length equal to the arch length for the adjusted pattern. Installing your fabric on the bendable curtain rod 1.

There are different techniques in creating this window treatment. Reply Was this helpful? How to Make Arched Curtains.

How to Make Arched Curtains

Attach the strap to cup hook or window frame. Place the left edge of pattern piece No.

how to sew curtains for arched windows

Measure from the desired curtain length, along one outside edge of the window frame, up to the start of the arch and place a mark on the window frame at this point. Continue placing and taping all the cut pattern pieces onto the adjusted pattern. It is a creative style that is quite beautiful when done correctly. Depending on which text editor you're pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

Making a Curtain for an Arched Window

Make a template of the arch curve. Window Treatment Advice. Hi, here is a link to a pdf file that may be what you are looking for.

Flexible arched curtain rods are available through interior decorators and designers and some larger catalogue shops.

Making Your Own Curtain Rods. Add to Guide Ask a Question. Crafts Home Decor April 13, 2013. Hanging the rod above the window frame will necessitate adding length to the pattern, equal to the amount the rod will be hung above the frame.

how to sew curtains for arched windows

The window is at the front of the house so nothing ugly.