How to make chalkware santas

Lucky pig was easy!

how to make chalkware santas

You cannot have too many clamps. Don't count on the little clips that may come with your mold to hold up to plaster.

How to Make a Santa Claus with Gifts Craft

Now you're ready to paint. There will be seams along the edge. He makes a beautiful chocolate bunny.

Molds lead to artistic awakening

I am wondering if you might paint him too. They were purchased from Tomric Moulds. I can even.

how to make chalkware santas

Then the painting begins. You'll be able to pour off the clean water and the find the hardened plaster at the bottom. Crafting our own hand-painted chalkware can be a wonderful way of decorating our homes for the holidays or crafting unique gifts that will be enjoyed for generations.

Let your casting dry.

Now 100's if not 1000's of chalkware pieces later I have a little confidence. Take a sanding sponge and smooth all the seams until they're no longer visible. Please include your email address on the paper order form in case I need to contact you concerning a question about your order, which often happens.

There are many varieties of 3-dimensional chocolate moulds used to make chalkware. I have plenty of clamps for holding the 2 sections of the molds together. I have one antique 11 inch bunny mold. It's not good to breathe and it will dry your hands out. Keep tapping the mold while pouring if you can.

how to make chalkware santas