How does wrist pin clip removal tool

how does wrist pin clip removal tool

About to do top-end on KDX200 and trying to make sure I have all necessary tools. That may have been Cap'nBly's problem.

piston pin retainer clip removal

Just make sure that they are all the way in the grooves. Detroit 13. Clip gaps at 6 or 12: The bore was excellent, so it got a light hone. Trying to button up the ol' Maico motor, but I need to remove a pin retainer clip to come in from the other side of the piston....

JIMS Piston Wrist Pin Clip Remover and Installer

Pete Payne Friday at 2: Moto Spy: Having extra clips on hand looks like a good idea. First Look: I can only imagine it's much cheaper to produce these split rings with no bending, and justify it by saying they're lighter weight and less chance of a clip coming unseated in a running motor. Feb 19, 2006.

how does wrist pin clip removal tool

Unfortunately this crappy clip is merely a split ring apparently that's what they're all running nowadays - there's no "ears" bent into the ends to grab hold of with needle-nose pliers.

Don't want the wrist pin to fall out: Guess theres a good reason why not... The Latest. I ordered new clips from two different sources, and they all were of the simple split ring design.

Best tool(s) to remove/install piston snap ring

I made a huge mistake, but I didn't know it until after it was back together and I took it for a test ride. Another invaluable tool is a countersink. Media New media New comments.

how does wrist pin clip removal tool

Countersink [chamfer] the hole a similar amount to what the OEM piston has and installation will go way easier.

Any tips for installing the new clip? Put a clean rag over the bore and work in a clean area just incase the clip does not cooperate and flys across the room. Tweet More...