When i work grubhub commercial

Grubhub Employee Reviews for Delivery Driver

The distance was 6 miles, and the order was over 50 dollars worth of food, and they didn't tip at all. Do they want me to tell the customer "hold on I'll give you your food after I accept this next offer"????

I received my copy already of what has been sent to them. I just want to have a company and belong to a brand again. Pro drivers and Partner drivers cannot choose any shifts because the specialist in our area has cut back the number of shifts that are available. Ask a Question.

when i work grubhub commercial

Asked November 6, 2018. They made this crazy excuse, telling me things I didnt understand.

Sorry about that

I enjoy being able to move product. And it's not added to to the total. Sometimes I'm lucky to get 5 orders in a day. You can make a little bit more if you work during the busy times, but still it's not that much more.

when i work grubhub commercial

Asked December 9, 2018. I have to support myself with other income because I consistiently cannot make stable or reliable money with this job.

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Driving for Grubhub is an insult to hard-working people everywhere. Claimed Profile Review this company. Also, they keep you making around the same as you would make at your minimum guaranteed pay if you didnt receive any orders, around most days.

when i work grubhub commercial

Pick up and check order for customer. Do have to have a block scheduled in order to make myself available to exept deliveries Asked January 9, 2019.

Review this company. Answered November 22, 2018. Combine that with safety issues that make it wise to avoid dangerous neighborhoods, and the lowest-income folks in your city will consistently get the short end of the stick.

when i work grubhub commercial