What does a peace lily meaning

June 2015: the Peace Lily is Houseplant of the month

Reduce it so next season the flowers turn out white. Peace lily officially called Spathiphyllum is a member of the Araceae Arum family and grows in the tropical rainforests of Colombia and Venezuela.

what does a peace lily meaning

The sap of the plant contains oxalate crystals and ingestion can cause swelling of the tongue and throat. It may bloom every couple of months if the plant is healthy. For mealy bugs, apply isopropyl alcohol with a cotton ball.

what does a peace lily meaning

They are produced on foot-long petioles from branched rhizome, which is a creeping stem growing horizontally at the soil surface. The stylish Peace lily offers a full clump of soft, dark pointed leaves with elegant white bracts in between.

Peace Lily

Plantae Division: If your blossoms are green, then you have given your Peace lily too much fertilizer. However, they will stop producing blooms in the winter and require less water during that season. Post pictures of your garden or share landscaping ideas.

what does a peace lily meaning

Standing water will quickly kill the root system. Transform your bathroom into a spa with the aid of plants There will be a queue for the bathroom! If you have no light whatsoever, many gardeners have successfully grown them under T5 fluorescent grow lights.

You can also combine the plants with trendy pots which suit the target group. The blooming of flowers is not restricted to any one season and is often erratic.

Here's All That You Wanted to Know About Peace Lily Plants

Spathiphyllum is a member of the Araceae family, which contains about 40 species of monocotyledonous flowering plants. Are Peace Lilies Poisonous? The plant was introduced into Europe in 1870. Keep pests off by cleaning the leaves regularly.