Chief keef how it go clean car

chief keef how it go clean car

The same unstaged look spread across the country, giving viewers a lens into the rough 'hoods of Baton Rouge, Louisiana ; the street corners of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn ; and the little-seen world of Broward County, Florida , from their computer screens. This marked one of the shortest reprieves from the rap game in recent memory. But they also, as Laka notes, forced attention on communities that were often underserved and overlooked. Filed Under: VICE Elsewhere. David Turner is a writer based in New York.

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Chief Keef , The List. Not only were they able to push back against the broad strokes of what people might see on the news, they were launching viable careers for themselves. Now back in the swing of things, the Chicago rapper looks to continue his comeback with his Thot Breaker project, which displays the polarizing and controversial rapper's more tender side. Back To Top.

chief keef how it go clean car

Rose or do you like Butler? Kids from those communities could take representation into their own hands with little more than a camera and a YouTube account.

Keef was on house arrest, which limited the locations where they could film. Kelly Released From Jail. This article originally appeared on Noisey US.

Soulja Boy Feat. Chief Keef "Foreign Cars" Video

Those constraints bred innovation. The director traces the style back to Juvenile's "Ha" video, which depicted a day of ordinary life in New Orleans's Magnolia Projects rather than the extravagant images of helicopters and speed boats Juvenile's label Cash Money would later be known for.

All retirements in rap are equal, meaning that they are usually temporary rather than for the long term. Part of that shift can be traced to Soulja Boy, whose videos depicted him and his friends playing jokes on each other, stunting in the freshest clothes , and trying to entertain themselves as much as their viewers.

The latest example of this is Chief Keef , who announced his "exit" from the rap game just last year, only to throw his hat back into the mix with a new project, Two Zero One Seven , at the top of 2017. What's brackin'?

chief keef how it go clean car

Since the introduction of MTV in the 80s, videos have existed as expensive promotional material for singles and albums. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. I could make a video, why not? Follow him on Twitter.

One of his most striking videos is " Bussin' ," the debut video from Atlanta rapper Trouble.

Chief Keef Changed the Way Rap Videos Look Forever

The video couldn't have been simpler, but it got millions of plays, catching the eyes of record labels and tastemakers like Kanye West precisely due to its intimacy.

These kinds of videos put real faces and blocks to the lyrics on record, letting viewers evaluate a less staged image of the artist themselves, for better or worse.

Keef's early videos depicted him and his friends smoking weed and brandishing guns with no overarching narrative.