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J Forensic Sci 2005; 50: On the other hand, the youngest age group showing complete union of lower end of radius was 15-16 years. Eveleth P and Tanner JM. Worldwide Variation in Human Growth, 2nd edn.

Joint Classification according to Structure and Function by Kalia (PT)

Sahni D and Jit I. UGC Approved Journals.

It is to be remembered that for each age-group included in the study e. The distal end of radius showed complete union in 53 out of 101 cases examined 52. McKern and Stewart 1957 [17] adopted a method that was based on dividing the process of epiphyseal union into five different stages. Springfield, IL: The distribution of boys and girls in each age group is shown in Table 1. Age groups 12-15 showed no complete union of lower end of ulna; instead they were distributed between the different stages of union Table 2.

Females often experience the union of many osteological elements before males, and every individual experience epiphyseal union at different ages.

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Am J Phys Anthropol 1924; 7: Table 3: The long bones of upper and lower limbs play a vital role in assessment of age. Like Loading... An epiphysis is the cap at the end of a long bone that develops from a secondary ossification center.

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